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General Popular Questions 

Why should I register and login on the shop before adding to my cart?

The simple answer is, you don't but, if you do it means your name, address details are already in the system and our shop will know you when you sign in to it. If you want to use the contact us form for instance, just log on to the web shop and when you open up the form all of your contact details will be automatically filled in. Registration also allows the shop to look after anything you have placed in your shopping cart should you have to log out, get cut off or simply close the page. In the registration process you only have to give us your contact information and make up a password you would like to use. That's it! To log in use your email address and your password.

Where can I find specific products ?

If you have had a look in the categories you think the item would be under and didn't spot it, use our search facility. Near the top right of the shop page you will see a field to enter a search in. You can put it in here and search all categories if you wish to see what comes up against your search word. For example, if you are looking to make some cards etc for Christmas, simply put Christmas into the field and leave it to search all categories. You will see a list of items that all relate to Christmas. If you know our product code click on the advanced search link and enter it directly.

What benefits are there to get the newsletter?

If you subscribe to our shop newsletter you will hear about all new products, specials and anything else exciting that is on the way. There are new products being added all the time so, the newsletter is a great way to hear about them and an easy way to find them amonst the other products. We don't sell or rent your email addresses so, you will only get emails / newsletters from Sticker Store.

Can I collect orders from you?

We have no physical shop or commercial premises and therefore post all orders via Australia Post. All orders must be placed via our site and will be posted to your delivery address. There are No personal collections or viewing of any products of Sticker Store or any of our other businesses.

Do you wholesale?

We don't have specific wholesale prices. We sell with prices as low as we can and in many cases businesses do buy from us and are able to resell at a reasonable mark up as well as using them for classes or corporate needs.

Where is your shop? & Can I come to your shop to look at your goods?

We don't have a shop or anywhere that you can visit. We conduct all of our sales on-line with the exception of one local Adelaide Craft Fair a year year. Many of our products are well known brands and therefore can be seen in many other outlets. By trading this way we have a lower than average cost in running our business and are then able to pass those savings on to you. If we had to fit out a shop it would only attract local business and increase those overheads. Everyone, no matter where they are from would have to pay higher prices to fund a shop they would never visit. To keep it fair everyone no matter where they are pay the same low prices and have it delivered to their door.

Can you send me a catalogue?

To keep our costs down we don't create a catalogue of our products. With new stocks being added all the time it would be out of date before we could post one. Our web site is always the most upto date way of checking what is available.

Do you make custom stickers?

No, we don't make stickers. We sell known brands of stickers that we purchase directly.


Delivery Questions

What is the cost of delivery ?

The most up to date delivery charges will be shown HERE

How long does it take to get my order ?

We normally dispatch orders within 2 to 3 working days. Many orders are sent before that time, it just depends on the level of work and the day and time it comes in. Using Australia post we find orders in Australia arrive within 2 to 7 day maximum. When your order is complete we send you an Australia Post tracking number that you can check and subscribe to on their website. http://auspost.com.au/track/track.html

How do I chase up or enquire about an order I have placed?

The best way to check your order is to log into our web site and then check your order status there. If the status is "Complete" your order has been posted. You may use this to check back to see what you ordered on past orders and much more. When checking the status of your order on-line you will see a tracking number for your parcel. 

If you visit this Australia post site http://auspost.com.au/track// you can then enter the tracking number and it will tell you where your parcel is. If you still have a question about it please call your local post office and quote the number to them and they will follow it up for you. To chase up an overseas parcel you need to check your own local postal service and they should use the same tracking number that you would have issued for your order.


Payment Questions

Can I still shop without a credit card ?

Most certainly YES! We accept other methods of payment like, Direct Deposit into our bank, you can use your PayPal too. If you unsure about using your credit card on the Internet you can select Phone Order payment method at the checkout. When you get your confirmation you can telephone your details through to 08 8284 1200 (9 to 5 Mondays to Fridays only)


Can I place an order by Telephone?

If you are choosing payment for your order by phone because you don't want to use your credit card over the net we can cater for this. First, place your order on our web shop and at the check out it will ask for your payment method. Choose Phone order if you would like to phone your credit card number through or Fax if you wish to fax your details to us. We ask you to order this way as our web shop runs our stock control system. We have to process all orders this way to make sure our stock figures are as accurate as possible. This is very hard to do but by ordering this way it helps to keep it as close to true as possible. Due to the way our system works we are unable to take telephone orders. By placing it on our web site there are no errors in your address or confusion to what products you need. Our site also keeps track of what is in stock so that can give a more accurate answer to if it is in stock or not.


Website Operation Questions

Can I bookmark products I want to buy another time?

Once you have registered as a member to use our site you are able to add any products you like to your own wish list. Whenever you visit and want to purchase any items from you wish list you are able to add them to your shopping cart directly from your wish list.


I already shop with Blue Edge Crafts, do I have to register here too?

Yes, you do need to register here too as it is run as two separate systems and businesses. It is a quick and easy process and you will be ready to purchase in a few seconds.